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Routine professional teeth cleaning is one of the best things you can do for your oral health and overall wellness. At Alegria Dental Care, general family dentist Alegria Ledda, DMD, and her highly trained team offer comprehensive teeth cleanings for patients of all ages at their Vallejo, California, office. Call to schedule your next teeth cleaning or book an appointment online today.

 Teeth Cleaning Q & A

What is teeth cleaning?

Teeth cleaning at Alegria Dental Care includes professional dental cleanings that get your teeth cleaner than with at-home brushing and flossing. 

Your dental hygienist removes tartar and plaque from hard-to-reach areas of your teeth and gum line. They also offer preventive dentistry services to reduce your risk of future oral health problems.

What are the benefits of professional teeth cleaning?

The many benefits you and your family can experience with professional teeth cleanings at Alegria Dental Care include:

  • Whiter teeth
  • Brighter teeth
  • Cleaner teeth
  • Reduced risk of tooth decay
  • Lower risk of gum disease
  • Fewer dental problems

Hygienists at Alegria Dental Care are compassionate and clean your teeth gently to avoid discomfort. They use the most advanced dental tools and equipment available to give you the best results.

What happens during teeth cleaning?

During professional teeth cleanings at Alegria Dental Care, friendly staff members greet you. While you relax in a comfortable dental chair, your hygienist gently cleans your teeth using specialized dental tools. They also floss your teeth and take dental X-rays if needed.

Your dentist examines your teeth and gums and reviews the results of your most recent dental X-rays. The Alegria Dental Care team offers fluoride treatments, sealants, mouthwashes, and other preventive dental services to lower your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. 

If you have a dental problem, your specialist can treat it during your visit or at a separate appointment.

How can I keep my teeth clean at home?

The best way to keep your teeth clean and reduce the risk of gum disease and tooth decay is to brush your teeth after meals, floss daily, use mouthwash if your dentist recommends it, and limit or avoid sweets and sugar-sweetened drinks. 

Visit Alegria Dental Care every six months, or more often if they recommend it, for professional teeth cleanings.

Other ways to keep your teeth and smile healthy include not opening packages with your teeth, wearing a mouthguard if you play contact sports or grind your teeth at night, and not chewing on hard objects like ice and popcorn kernels.

To schedule a teeth cleaning for you or a family member, call the Alegria Dental Care office or book an appointment online today.